1. DVR Card - 4 Channels Video - 1 Channel Audio
  2. DVR Card - 4 Channels Video - 1 Channel Audio

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Video Capture card are a great w

Video Capture card are a great way to record all activities on your cameras.


Digital Video Recording System BOARD:
1-4 channels video input, 1 channel audio input
25 frames, mpeg4 software compression, 150-200M /hour
Use pico software
Support PTZ control and remote control
Can build 4ch realtime or 16ch unrealtime system
4-Channel in 1 card, audio and video real-time synchronous
Adopt MJPEG-4 compression mode
Network Function: Support PSTN, ISDN, ADSL, LAN and Internet connections
4-channel video per card (inc audio)
Total Resource at 25F/S
Provide 16-channel recording, 1 system supports 4 cards
Resolution: 768 x 576 (PAL), 640 x 480 (NTSC)
Support multi-level P/T/Z control through LAN/WAN
Fully compatible with P/T/Z control protocols of industry mainstream KALATEL, PELCO, PHILIPS, UNIVISION, ULTRAK, VICON encoders
Compression mode: MPEG-4 compression mode
Resolution: 760x576 (PAL)
1-Channel in 1 card or 4-Channel in 1 card
Resource occupancy at 120-150M/H per channel (inc audio)
Alarm Control: Able to connect 16-channel normal alarm annunciator (infrared probe, vibration sensor, etc)
Auto-linkage alarm recording once alarm sensor triggers
Alarm recording time adjustable
Provide 3-channel alarm output, able to linkage control lamplight, alarm bell and other peripherals
Each channel able to set video motion detection alarm function and also able to set motion detection area at discretion
Auto-linkage alarm video recording once motion detection sensor triggers
Provide video signal lost and image dodge alarm
Remote Transmission & Control: Perform remote image transmission through LAN, normal telephone line, ISDN and other communication modes, Support remote video recording data playback, P/T/Z control and client alarm functions
Audio/Video Recording & Playback:
MPEG4 compression format, able to implement 1-channel~ 4-channel real-time recording (25fps per channel, total resource at 25-100 frames)
Image resolution at 400-line (much higher than 240-line of normal video recorder)
Multi recording mode: time schedules recording, real-time recording and alarm recording
Recording frame rate per channel adjustable (1/60fps -25fps)
Alarm recording: auto-turn into real-time recording mode once alarm recording triggers
Voice recording with audio and video real-time synchronous, and support scene listen-in
Able to save recording data into local harddisk, or use U-disk/CD-recorder for long time storage
Able to perform selective playback modes according to recording time, such as different speed playback, fast forward/fast reverse
Able to capture single frame image for printing or electronic zoom in
Support recording and playback real-time synchronous

Include :

- Video Capture card

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