1. PCI DVR Card Motion Detect
  2. PCI DVR Card Motion Detect

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Video Capture card are a great w

Video Capture card are a great way to record all activities on your cameras.


PCI DVR Card - MPEG4 - 4 Channel - Motion Detect Software
PCI Type Inerface
MPEG4 software compression
Display and record resolution 352x288
1-16 channels video input, 120fps per card
Audio input: 4
Display Speed Resource: NTSC 120fps, PAL 100fps
Recording Speed Resource: NTSC 120fps, PAL 100fps
Alarm control
8 or 16 channels alarm input/output built-in
Automatic record when alarm start up
Can control automatic record time when alarm start up
Supports motion detection and alarm area
Automatic record when motion detection start up
P/T/Z control
Support for different kinds of protocol of decoder (KALATEL, PELCO, PHILIPS, UNIVISION, VICON, etc.)
Pixels: 384x288, 768x288, 768x 576
Output resolutoin: >400 TV Lines
Real-time multi-picture division: 1, 4, 7, 9, 16
Video output: RGB(VGA)monitor
Date Compressing Format: MPEG-4
Network transport: ISDN: 5--6FPS, PSTN: 1--2FPS, LAN: 100FPS, ADSL: 20---100FPS
Data backup: HDD, DVD
Support IE browse, Built-in web server
Replay video and audio signal through network
Movement detection (by software)
Multi users

Include :

- Video Capture card

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