1. Watch Hidden camera

    Price:  $199.99


Features :


- Easy To Operate (2 Click And The Camera Starts Recording)
- Can Record Up To 12 Hours !
- Easily Connected To The Computer To View The Recording
- Offers Both Video And Audio Recording
- Really Small. (The camera is located near the number 12 on the watch)


Capacity :


Mini Hidden Camera (Color) With Audio. The Battery Have A 1.5 Hours Record Time On One Single Charge. For Each 2 GB Of Memory The Camera Can Record For 3 Hours for a total of 6 Hours.

1) Video Resolution: 720*480
2) Video Format: AVI, 30fps
3) Camera Photo: 1600*1200 JPG
4) USB transfer rate: 2.0/1.1(Hs)
5) Memory: 4GB
6) Supports video, voice recording and motion detecting function
7) Built-in lithium battery
8) No need to install drives for windows ME/2000/XP/MAX OS 9.2.2 or higher version windows (except Windows98)
9) Camera functions: The camera can be used as a standard computer, need to install the supplied drivers
Video sample coming soon.
FAQ's coming soon

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